How do I book singers for a funeral?

It can be harder than you think to find the right voices. Here's how we make it easy.

Many people who are booking a funeral start their search for singers by doing one or more of these things:

🎵 Searching for local singers on Google

🎵 Approaching entertainment agencies

🎵 Approaching established choirs and ensembles

🎵 Asking the Funeral Director or venue to recommend someone.

You might already have tried one or two of these yourself. But we know from experience that you might actually be making life harder for yourself by doing this. Here are some of the drawbacks, and why using The London Funeral Singers' unique service instead can eliminate these risks and potential problems.

🚩 Finding a good singer through online searching who is available on the day can take ages, and you've already got a whole funeral to organise.

The London Funeral Singers save you all that time by selecting the perfect singer(s) for your chosen music from our exclusive book.

🚩 When you finally find a singer, you still won't meet or hear them in person, so you don't know whether their audio samples are up to date, how they'll sound when singing live, or even whether they'll be friendly and respectful at the funeral.

We meet and audition every one of our singers and monitor them regularly, so we know what they're like and what they do best.

🚩 There's no guarantee the singer has the right voice or training for your special songs. Despite what they might say, not every singer can sing everything.

With over 20 years' experience working in music, vocal coaching and the performing arts, we match singers to music that suits their voice.

🚩 If they happen to be ill on the day, there's no Plan B.

We have over 100 singers on our books, so we can often find a great back-up if need be.

🚩 Every performer has to be sourced separately - so you have to do the whole process twice if you want one opera singer and one pop singer, or if you want musicians too, or if you want to create a choir.

We have singers of all styles as well as musicians and choirs, so you can get everything from one place.

🚩 Established choirs are often booked up months in advance, and have a set-in-stone repertoire list.

We create bespoke choirs from our available singers, and will sing anything you like.

🚩 Church choirs often aren't available on weekdays, when most funerals are held.

Our singers are full-time professionals. In nearly 10 years we have never had to turn down a booking due to lack of availability.

🚩 People often change their mind on the music (or family members come in - usually at the eleventh hour once everything's already organised - and change it for them), which could mean starting over entirely.

We offer complete flexibility up until 48 hours before the funeral. With many different singers and musicians we have plenty of room for new ideas.

🚩 You have no help or advice on the fine details and intricacies of the music.

We have classical music training and will make sure your music sounds its best.

🚩 Common issues and problems to do with music specifically at funerals can get missed...

We have performed at over 400 funerals, so we know what to look out for before it's even happened. We work behind the scenes to ensure nothing jeopardises the smooth-running of the day.

🚩 ...Like waking up in a cold sweat the night before the funeral because you've forgotten to book an organist.

Not on our watch! Accompaniment is something lots of people forget to think about, but we'll make sure it's covered.

We believe everyone deserves to feel the incredible comfort and grace of beautiful live singing when they're saying goodbye, and they shouldn't have to fight the odds to get it.

Contact us today if you need help sourcing the perfect singers or musicians for your loved one's funeral service, and we'll make sure you're properly supported through the whole process. 🕊

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