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What we do

We select only the best singers, choose the right ones for your service, and offer complete flexibility whether you need a single soloist or a twenty-strong choir.

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How we work

We'll work with you to choose the right music for your funeral service within your budget. We'll rehearse and work creatively on your choices before the service, often composing stunning and unique arrangements to make the most of your musical choices. We'll then liaise with organsists, venue staff and funeral directors to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Below you'll find a list of the most common services we provide, but the easiest way to find out what we do is to contact us.

What we offer

Congregational hymn leading

Many people look to us to bolster congregational hymn singing. A single soloist can help a great deal with this, but most traditional hymns are written in four parts, so a full choir of four or eight will really bring the music alive.

Solo singers

With over ninety singers on our books to choose from we can be selective about getting just the right voice for your piece or special song.


Several popular funeral songs, like 'I Know Him So Well' and 'Time To Say Goodbye', are written in two parts. However we can create a bespoke duet for almost any song you choose, to give it harmonious depth and a soaring lift.


We provide choirs of any size. Many hymns and classical pieces are written in four parts, but we'll balance the choir no matter how many you choose. Unless your venue is very small we always think the more the merrier!

Entry/exit music

Many people choose to have music during the processional (when the coffin enters the venue), and recessional (when it is taken out). This can add a feeling of occasion to begin the service with, and a respectful, affectionate goodbye at the end.


Many churches have their own resident organist, but if not we can provide one for you. Hymns are usually accompanied by the organ, and an organist can provide background music as your congregation arrives and leaves the venue.

Instrumental accompanists/soloists

We also have an extensive book of professionally trained musicians. We can provide everything from pianists and violinists to lutists and accordion players. Perhaps you'd like a piece of Mozart by a string quartet, or a Rachmaninov piano piece; listen to The Last Post played on a bugle for a military funeral, or choose a Ceilidh band for a keen folk fan.

Readings by professional actors

Many people would like a reading of a special poem, psalm or passage, but are not comfortable speaking in public, especially on such an emotional day. We have a book of classically trained actors who will prepare your reading and allow you to just relax and enjoy the words.


As we provide bespoke quotes for each service, our prices will vary depending on your needs. Things that will affect the cost include the number of singers, the amount and type of music required, whether the singers will be leading the congregation or performing alone, the amount of preparation and rehearsal required by the singers, whether or not a bespoke arrangement is needed, and the distance of the service from London.

Quotation marks

"Wow! What a professional organisation. From the moment we spoke to Briony we knew we were in good hands and the performance of the selected choir of 12 made a huge difference to this extremely special service. Thank you."

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